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Matt Smith and David Tennant Behind the Scenes of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special!

Here it is. Matt and David discuss life as The Doctor!

Thanks to everyone who worked really hard to keep the secret a secret this past week.

(And big thanks to the Doctor Who Facebook Page for helping get this to us earlier than we thought we’d have it. Go follow them if you aren’t already.)

Reminder: the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is set to air November 23, 2013 — the anniversary of the first broadcast of Doctor Who ever.






this just came on my TV and I took out my earbuds to watch cause the animation’s cute as shit

holy shit I love this

thats fucking cute as all hell oh my gosh

hello yes I would like to buy your product

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Can we seriously take in that david tennant is on the covers of Romeo and Juliet at my school

eccleston was on the cover of my hamlet

so I stole it


Ollie: Now I don’t advocate thievery, but I’d completely understand anyone who stole these.

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